May 10, 2024

Google Home gains support for multiple users

Google says that starting today, Google Home supports multiple users. Up to six people can connect their Google account to a Google Home, and the unit will try to distinguish each person’s voice from the other users connected to the device. This way, each person can hear their schedule, playlists, and more.

Support for multiple users is rolling out in the US now and will be available in the UK in the coming months. To know if the feature is available to you, launch the Google Home app and look for a card that says “Multi-user is available.” You can also click the icon in the upper right corner, find your Google Home, and select “Link your account”.1493194623-1497-googleassistantmultipleusers

From there, you’ll train the Google Assistant to recognize your voice so that it knows it’s you when you’re talking and not the other people with connected accounts. You’ll say “Ok Google” and “Hey Google” twice each.

This is a major new feature that’ll make Google Home a much better product. Previously, only one person’s Google account could be connected to a Google Home at a time, meaning that all of the news, schedules, playlists, and more were tailored for them. Now that multiple accounts can be used at once, the Google Home is a much more of a family-friendly device.

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