May 21, 2024

PvP Comes ‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ This Fall

Since its release, Ghost Recon: Wildlands has been a single player or co-op experience, which would undoubtedly turn people who want to test their skills against other players in competitive matches away from the game. However, those players might want to check out the title sometime later this fall, when Ubisoft Paris plans to release a free update that will finally add a player-versus-player mode to the open-world shooter title.

The new mode, called “Ghost War,” will pit two teams of four players against each other. Prior to the start of a match, each player will choose one of six classes such as Scout, Sniper, or Tank. Just like in the main game, teamwork is essential to success, so you’ll need to make sure your class works in tandem with your teammates’ skills.

Each round ends when all four members of one team are dead, but if you find yourself outnumbered, you can still win the match by reviving your teammates and regrouping for the next attack. The mode also introduces some new features, such as the ability to detect the origin of gunshots, and a  suppression system where you and your teammates can limit an opposing player’s vision by constantly shooting at them even though they are behind cover. These additions seem to make the rounds more of a tactical gunfight rather than the usual spray-and-pray gameplay you see in some competitive first-person shooter games.

Maps for the player-versus-player mode are based on different locations in the Wildlands world, and they vary in terms of biomes, weather, and time of day. Ubisoft didn’t release a specific release date for the update, but eager fans can try an early version of Ghost War in an open beta session scheduled for sometime later this summer.

NameGhost Recon: Wildlands
TypeOpen-world, Shooter, Tactical
DeveloperUbisoft Paris
PlatformsPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Where To Buy
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  • Steam
  • PlayStation Store
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  • Amazon
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  • Walmart
  • GameStop
Release DateMarch 7, 2017

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