May 21, 2024

Watch Us Play ‘Rokh’

In our last livestream, we attempted to survive in the desolate wilderness of Alaska. For this week’s Twitch livestream event, we’ll try our hand at survival again, but this time we’re heading to Mars with Darewise Entertainment and Nvizzio Creation’s Rokh.

In Rokh, we’ll take on the role of astronauts on Mars. With a few tools in our inventory and resources scattered across the surface, we’ll need to create a base in order to survive on the red planet. Food, water, and oxygen are essential to survival, but we also have to prepare for other problems such as injuries, exposure to radiation, varying temperatures, and even devastating meteor showers.

In terms of creating a base, Darewise calls the experience “Assembly Required” due to the modular nature of construction. With raw resources, we’ll create tiles that will serve as the floor, walls, and ceiling of the base. Because Rokhis a multiplayer-based game, we’ll also have to potentially build enough space (no pun intended) to accommodate other players who are also attempting to survive on the planet. Teamwork is required not just to build an efficient base, but also to survive the many challenges of living on a new planet.

The game was initially released as an Early Access title on May 16, and the studio expects the final version to be ready in about a year. For now, players can explore portions of the Martian surface, scavenge for resources, craft items, and build the base. In the finished product, the studio wants to add more features such as combat, a “food growth system,” vehicles, and the ability to run or hack programs in the game.

If you want to give Rokh a try, you can buy it on Steam at the $20 discounted price until July 27. If you don’t buy it during the next week, it will cost you the full price of $25.

TypeSurvival, Sci-Fi
DeveloperDarewise Entertainment, Nvizzio Creations
PublisherDarewise Entertainment
Where To BuySteam
Release DateMay 16, 2017 (Early Access)

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