April 12, 2024

Google has ‘no plans’ for new Nexus devices


Today Google introduced the Pixel and Pixel XL, its new flagship Android smartphones. The devices are notable because they’re the first phones to carry Google’s Pixel branding, and that doesn’t look like it’s good news for the Nexus brand.

Google today said that it has “no plans” for future Nexus devices. Meanwhile, the official @GoogleNexus account on Twitter sent out a couple of messages today to say that Nexus users have “played an integral role in this journey for Google” and that Google will “continue to support Nexus.”

Here’s the full statement from @GoogleNexus:

“As Nexus users, you’ve played an integral role in this journey for Google. We’re excited about Pixel, and want you to know that we’ll continue to support Nexus (customer support, software updates, etc.) & @googlenexus will continue to be a place for Nexus convos.”

While Google hasn’t officially confirmed that its Nexus brand is done for, the company’s statements certainly make it look that way. Not only does Google say that it’s got no plans for new Nexus-branded hardware, but the statement from the @GoogleNexus account on Twitter definitely has an end of the road, winding down feel to it.

The Nexus name has been a big one in mobile ever since the Nexus One’s launch in 2010, indicating that the device had Google’s fingerprints on it and that it would receive prompt updates straight from Google. Now it looks like Pixel devices will be the way to go for those features. Pour one out for the Nexus name.

Have you ever owned a Nexus product?

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