May 20, 2024

Stealthy black pearl Galaxy S7 Edge is Captain Jack Sparrow’s dream phone


Samsung has added another new color to the Galaxy S7 Edge range, and it’s a sleek, glossy hue named black pearl. It’s the third color to be announced recently, following the delicious blue coral, and the achingly fashionable pink gold versions. In total, there are now seven different colors to choose from when you go to buy a Galaxy S7 Edge.


However, whether you’ll find all seven depends on where you live, as Samsung restricts certain colors to certain regions around the world, and the new black pearl edition is no exception. At the moment it’s only committing to “selected markets,” without giving away anything more solid, which likely means it’s banging out deals for some network or retailer exclusives.

If the black pearl edition is the S7 Edge for you, be prepared that it’ll only be offered in the more expensive 128GB models, so you’ll have to spend that little bit more to secure one. This is the same approach taken by Apple with the jet black iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, that is also only available with 128GB or more of internal memory. The two color schemes are relatively similar, each going for a polished, minimalist all-black device. Here it’s broken up only by the Samsung logo, and it certainly has plenty of stealthy coolness in the pictures. Samsung’s other black S7 Edge, named black onyx, is less glossy.

The aforementioned three new colors join Samsung’s original color options for the Galaxy S7 Edge: white pearl and gold platinum, along with black onyx, and our personal favorite silver titanium. The black pearl Galaxy S7 Edge will go on sale December 9, so expect more information on where, outside South Korea, the phone will be sold after that date. Any reports stating you’ll need 882 gold coins and a little bit of blood to remove a curse from the device should be treated as unsubstantiated rumor.


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