February 24, 2024

Which smartwatch are you using?


It feels like all the attention smartwatches were getting, even as early as last year, has died down in a big way, doesn’t it? We’ve gone from so many companies launching one, or more, with most of them running Android Wear, to others running proprietary software like Pebble or Samsung. And then there’s Apple, with its watchOS running on the Apple Watch.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a coincidence, but ever since Apple released its wearable, it’s just been quiet on this front. That could be because a lot of people, and companies, were just waiting to see what Apple would create. Customers out there, waiting to see if they should buy Apple’s creation, and companies waiting to see what Apple would include in their fist-generation wearable.

Here we are, just over a year since Apple released their Watch, and I think by now we can all safely say that it’s relatively easy to make a decision on what to go for. Of course, it’s worth noting that Android Wear might have a leg up in at least one department, since it now supports connecting to an iPhone — and the Apple Watch doesn’t share that same cross-platform feature. Still, for iPhone users that just means you can pick the Apple Watch or go with options from LG, Motorola, and many others.

The question is, which one did you go for?

I’ve tried a few different smartwatches since they’ve been trickling out to the market. I started with the Pebble, and while I haven’t used a Pebble Time yet, that platform and hardware has always had a special place in my heart, and practically a reserved space on my wrist. The original Pebble is the only smartwatch I’ve worn for months — no other wearable has come even close, to be honest.

And let me just say, here, that my desire to leave the Pebble in a drawer, or simply return any other smartwatch, isn’t necessarily entirely on the smartwatch’s shoulders. I just haven’t found a real need for one. I guess I’m still just a bigger fan of the analog options, and I haven’t found a reason to switch over.

Still, Motorola’s Moto 360 (and the 2nd Gen) and the Apple Watch are essentially tied for second place. I prefer the feature set within the iOS and Apple Watch connection, but the Moto 360, especially its second-generation variant, look much better in my opinion. Even with the Moto 360’s “flat tire.” I tried them out, but ultimately the fact is I’m still going to look at my phone, so I don’t need another screen to serve as the middleman.

But I’m probably the odd-one-out here, so I wanted to find out which smartwatch you’re using, how long you’ve had it, and why that’s the one you’ve kept using. Let me know!

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