January 17, 2022

Turn your smartphone into a 3D gaming console


Want to kick your smartphone gaming experience up a notch? Now you can turn your smartphone’s boring 2D screen into a stunning 3D environment with the Virtual Reality Box Headset, 36 percent off MSRP for Pocketnow readers.

With the Virtual Reality Box Headset, you can easily immerse yourself into stunning and lifelike virtual worlds. Just insert your smartphone into the VR Box and then put the comfortable headset on to play games, watch movies, and more. In fact, when you’re wearing this headset, your phone’s screen seems like it’s much bigger than it actually is.

The Virtual Reality Box Headset uses high-quality lenses that keep images clear and distortion-free so they don’t fatigue your eyes. The headset itself is made with high quality but lightweight ABS plastic, and the T-shaped strap allows this it to fit pretty well anyone.

Get more out of your smartphone with the Virtual Reality Box Headset, only $18.99 at the Pocketnow Deals Store.

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