April 1, 2023

PlayStation VR expected to gather 6 million shipments this year


Sony is hoping for a pleasant holiday quarter this year once it launches its PlayStation VR headset. And, afterpre-orders have started piling in, it seems that Taiwanese analysts are, too.

Topology Research Institute is forecasting 6 million PlayStation VR unit shipments by the end of the year, compared to 2.3 million Oculus Rifts and 700,000 HTC Vives for 2016. Keep in mind that the PlayStation VR costs $399 and needs a PlayStation 4 — of which there are about 40 million of in the market right now — to work.

Japan-based Daiwa Securities is more conservative in its estimates, estimating 1 million to 3 million shipments through next March, when Sony’s fiscal year ends. It’s not chump change, though: sales revenue could top $1.2 billion.

The global market for VR should expand to 50 million units by 2020, Topology expects.


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