March 24, 2023

Android apps and Google Play Store officially coming to Chrome OS this year


After a couple of leaks, including one from Google’s own I/O schedule, support for Android appson Chrome OS has been made officially official.

Google has confirmed that it’s adding Android apps to Chrome OS, with a public launch coming later in 2016. It will include Google Play, just like the store that you use to download Android apps on your phone and tablet.

Here are the features that Android apps that’ve been optimized for Chrome OS will enjoy:

  • Android Apps can be shown in 3 different window sizes to allow the best experience
  • Users can multi-task with multiple Android apps in moveable windows along with a full desktop browser, all within the familiar Chrome OS interface.
  • Keyboard, mouse, and touch input will seamlessly work together
  • Users will get Android notifications on their Chromebooks
  • Android apps benefit from the Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity setup by the user or the administrator
  • File sharing is seamless between Chrome and Android apps through the Files app
  • Performance of demanding apps such as games or design apps is excellent

Starting in June, Android app developers can begin to test their apps on the Asus Chromebook Flip, Acer Chromebook R11, and Chromebook Pixel (2015). The Google Play Store and Android apps will be made available to all Chrome OS users later this year, and it’ll be offered on more Chrome OS devices than just the three aforementioned Chromebooks. Google also notes that it’s working with device makers on “some great new devices specially design for Play.”


The addition of Google Play and Android apps to Chrome OS is a big deal. While there are some apps already developed for Chrome OS, the Google Play Store is larger, offering more than one million Android apps from developers large and small. With support for Android apps, Chrome OS devices will become even more useful, and the features that Android apps will enjoy on Chrome OS — like multi-tasking and file sharing — will ensure that you can get the most out of Android apps.

Does support for Android apps on Chrome OS make you interested in getting a new Chrome OS device

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