March 20, 2023

HP Chromebook 11 G5 claims touchscreen on a budget, but how “budget” is it?


If you want a Chromebook of the future — you know, something that can run the Google Play Store for sure — but you’re strapped for cash, perhaps you should bite your fingers and hold out for a new option from HP.

The Chrombook 11 G5 is compact, slim, weighs about two-and-a-half pounds and will have speedy support for Android apps when it launches to consumers in October — though if you’re, say, an educator buying bulk, B2B vendors should have them in next month.

HP announced that the dual-core Intel Celeron N3060 should cut through tasks just right while stretching the battery to at least 11 hours of use. The starting price per? $189.

That doesn’t factor in the “available touchscreen” and options for varying amounts of memory and even display quality.

“One version of the device comes with an optional HD IPS touchscreen panel protected by Corning Gorilla Glass NBT,” the product release reads, “which reduces reflection and is damage-resistant to help resist handle swiping, tapping, and accidental bumps.”

So, how much more might you be willing to pay for a specced out Chromebook 11 G5? That’s if you went with the premise of getting a Chromebook in the first place.

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