February 23, 2024

Report says another replacement Galaxy Note 7 has caught fire


There’s more bad news for Samsung and the Galaxy Note 7 today, as it appears that another replacement model has overheated.

A 13-year-old in Minnesota has been burned by a Galaxy Note 7 that’s said to have been a replacement model. Abby Zuis says that she felt a “weird, burning sensation” when holding the Note 7 on Friday and that “it felt like pins and needles except a lot more intense.”

Zuis got a minor burn on her thumb, while the Note 7 ended up with smoke damage and burn marks. The protective cover on the Note 7 also melted.

The Note 7 being used by Zuis was a replacement model that her family got on September 21 after exchanging their original Note 7 that they purchased in August.

Samsung said that it’s investigating the situation with this Note 7. “We want to reassure our customers that we take every report seriously and we are engaged with the Zuis family to ensure we are doing everything we can for them and their daughter,” Samsung explained.

This is the second report of a replacement Note 7 overheating in the past week. A few days ago, a Note 7 owner said that his phone began smoking while he boarded an airplane and ended up scorching the floor. Samsung has only said that it’s investigating these reports, but all four major US carriers have said that their Note 7 customers can exchange their phone for a different model. One report even claims that AT&T may stop Note 7 sales altogether.

If you’ve got a Galaxy Note 7, are you thinking about exchanging it?

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