March 24, 2023

AMD Radeon Pro 400 Series Formally Announced After Debut in MacBook Pro 2016


all operate at 35W, which allows for quiet and efficient cooling within a chassis as thin as that of the new MacBook Pro. Peak performance for the three models ranges from 1 Teraflop to 1.85 Teraflops, which is far below that of even the entry-level Radeon RX460. Combined with the relatively low amount of VRAM, it is unlikely that current-day games will run well at even medium quality settings.

Radeon Pro series products benefit from custom drivers with specific validations for professional software packages, as well as support for workflow tools including AMD ProRender which leverages the GPU to accelerate programs such as Maya, Cinema 4D,

AMD first used the Radeon Pro name for its desktop Radeon Pro Duo graphics card, which was announced in March this year and launched in April. It uses two of AMD’s Fiji GPUs, which are otherwise used in the company’s Radeon R9 Fury and Nano series cards. It was targeted at professional VR content creators. A version for mainstream gaming was rumoured at the time but has not since been launched. AMD also announced a Radeon Pro WX series of Polaris-based workstation GPUs, and the Radeon Pro SSG with an onboard SSD which can be used as giant, low-latency caches for massive workloads, which has not shipped yet

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