November 30, 2023

Hide a Wireless Router in Plain Sight with This Quick DIY Trick

Do you need to keep your wireless router in a place that makes it stand out like an eyesore just to maintain a good signal in your home? Then make it ‘disappear’ and restore balance to your décor with this quick and easy DIY trick!

Photo courtesy of Ana Maria Munoz.

You may already have an old unwanted book that is perfect for the project around your home, or you can find an appropriate one in a used book store. The biggest part of this project is simply the time it takes to get the book cover prepped for hiding your router.

Update: Based on general consensus in the comments, those who are worried about overheating issues from using a thinner book can work around the issue by going with a thicker (taller) book and the addition of support spacers on the back corners.

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