March 2, 2024

64-Bit Builds of Google Chrome are now Available in the Stable Channel

The 64-bit builds of Chrome have slowly but surely been working their way through Google’s release channel system and this week they have finally landed in the stable channel!

Overall, things are looking good with the latest release, but there is an issue that you need to keep in mind concerning the new stable 64-bit build. 32-bit NPAPI plugins are currently not supported:

From the blog post: Currently, the only significant known issue is the lack of 32-bit NPAPI plugin support. The 32-bit channel will remain fully supported for the foreseeable future and we will continue to support 32-bit plugins until NPAPI is removed from Chrome.

Download the latest stable version and learn more about the new build via the links below!

Download Google Chrome Stable 64-Bit (Version 37) [Google] This is the 64-bit specific link rather than the default 32-bit version link.

64 bits of awesome: 64-bit Windows Support, now in Stable! [The Chromium Blog]

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