February 28, 2024

10 seconds to climax with The Witcher 3 teaser


Gaming studios are such teases. They tell us about a game but we can’t play it. Maybe they show us a screenshot, then a teaser trailer, and eventually a full length trailer. It’s all just a bid to get us excited, I know, but when it’s for a game like The Witcher 3, our excitement levels are already too high. And now they do this…


After announcing that the full opening cinematic would be revealed at the Golden Joystick Awards, CD Projekt Red released this teaser:

While I’m very happy to see Yennefer, this feels like nothing. I want to see Geralt, and fighting, and ploughing, and all those things that make The Witcher unique. Oh, who am I kidding – I’m just happy for whatever I can get, even if it’s just ten seconds of Yennefer stopping an entire army with a pebble. In the books she is so hardcore, I want to see more of her in the games, too – she’s way more likable than Triss.

The Golden Joysticks are tomorrow, so that opening cinematic should be available soon thereafter. Also soon is the closing date for The Witcher 3’s cosplay competition. Some very lucky cosplayer could be getting some insane prizes, including replica jewelry and a signed Collector’s Edition of the game.

Is this your most anticipated game? I know many people are insanely excited to play it, but I think I might be co-pilot for it. It’s so beautiful and the story is so engaging, I’m happy to sit next to the husband while he plays, taking it all in. Of course, it’s just that much more immersive when you hold the controller/mouse yourself.

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