February 27, 2024

Man petitions for a Super Smash Bros. Vita port


Have you played the new Super Smash Bros. yet? You really should! Oh… you opted for a Vita instead of the 3DS? Well, this is awkward. Maybe you should sign this petition which is asking Nintendo to bring the game to Sony’s handheld.

This is quite an old bit of news actually, but I still find it interesting nonetheless. I’m honestly not sure if this is a troll petition or if the guy is being genuine. You be the judge (Destructoid via Nintendo Life)

“Nintendo NEEDS to port this game to the PSVita. Many of us Sony fans don’t want to buy an underpowered console like the Nintendo 3DS, but we would gladly buy a quality title like Smash Bros. Not only would it be beneficial for both fans and Nintendo, but probably also REQUIRED by US antitrust law, since Nintendo has a monopoly on games like Smash Bros. by virtue of having no competing title.”

Sounds Legit. Surprisingly (at time of writing) there are 1140 supporters, just 360 (COINCIDENCE?) off the target of 1500. I honestly can’t believe that many people have signed it already. What I don’t understand is that the Nintendo Life article reports the target to be 1000. It reached that signature count yesterday, but why has it been upped to 1500 now?

Will the petition yield any results? Probably not. I don’t see Nintendo sharing their intellectual property anytime soon. Still, I quite like some of the responses the page has. These are also more than likely troll accounts and names, but how funny would it be if it were actual responses from the Nintendo CEO and the President of Nintendo America?

Satoru Iwata – “You want a Nintendo game, you buy a Nintendo console. That is how things work. Please understand.”

Reggie Fils-Aime –“You want Super Smash Bros. in Vita well I bet you that we will sell more copies of SSB than Vitas in all its life cycle, so try to beat that.”

Shots fired! I’m fortunate enough to own both the Vita and the 3DS, and I love them both for different reasons. What about you? Do you own one or the other? Which would you choose given the choice?

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