April 18, 2024

Game of Thrones Telltale adventure gaming series is imminent

Great news for Game of Thrones fans who can’t wait for the next book or TV episode, Telltale games is about to release its own version.

Telltale games was responsible for the episodic games of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us – both of which were brilliant hits. The game developer has tweeted saying that its Game of Thrones title “Iron From Ice” will premiere “soon”.

At the moment few other details are known except that the game will consist of six episodes when released. This should mean you’ll take control of a character, or perhaps several alternating folk, as you have conversational decision-making interactions with others from Game of Thrones. Your decisions will lead to future outcomes throughout the game.


Telltale has so far not put a foot wrong with its brilliant games. Combining this with the excellent work of George RR Martin and the adaptation from HBO should mean a game that leaves everyone addicted.

How soon the company’s “soon” actually is hasn’t been made clear although we’d imagine this is being released before the next TV series starts and, hopefully, in time for Christmas. The title was firstmentioned over a year ago so we’d hope sooner rather than later. Telltale games are usually cheaper than console titles and can be bought via Steam and are multi-platform including iOS and Android.

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