May 20, 2024

You Can Preorder AMD Ryzen CPUs Now

Earlier today, we published our most detailed look to date at AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs, which for now include the Ryzen 7 1800X ($499), 1700X ($399), and 1700 ($329), and you can already preorder the chips from numerous outlets, including Amazon and Newegg (see below).

However, note that although the PC enthusiast community has been frothing at the mouth in anticipation of Ryzen CPUs, and although from what we know so far they look promising, it’s odd that AMD is letting people plunk down their money on products that no one has actually officially tested.

Sure, AMD presented a few of its own internal cherry-picked benchmarks, but that tells us very little about the CPUs’ actual performance. We would not deign to recommend (or not recommend) a product we haven’t tested, and we have not yet tested Ryzen.

In other words, AMD is asking you to pay for the promise of performance. Perhaps you’re willing to take the leap of faith based on what we do know about Ryzen, or perhaps you were always going to buy one of these CPUs and are worried that if you don’t preorder, the supply might run dry.

We will test these CPUs as soon as it’s possible, and when that time comes, we’ll offer our official recommendations on them. In the meantime, preorder if you just can’t wait.

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