February 23, 2024

Google’s domain registration service goes live in the US


Google has opened its own domain registration service to the public, in the United States. The service was originally launched back in June, as Google Domains, initially available through an invite only system. The service, though in beta right now, is available to everyone within the US. Users can buy domains from $12 (Rs. 730 approx.) per year. This will include the domain name and certain added benefits like email forwarding to Gmail, private registration and support for 100 sub domains.

Further, Google also has a number of partners, who specialise in building websites. These include names like Weebly, Squarespace and Wix. Of course, charges for their services will be added to your total cost. In addition, Google also announced that full support for Blogger has also been added, allowing users to link their domains to their existing blogs.

According to Google, it has received some useful feedback from early testers, allowing for improvements in its service, like support for 60 domain endings, including .florist, .company, .coffee and others. It also allows buyers to browse templates from Google’s partners and offer a better search tool for finding the URL that you want.

The service should eventually go live for other countries as well, since Google has already set up a notification service for people from outside the U.S. Here’s the link to the Google Domains website.

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