March 2, 2024

Google is building Chromecast streaming right into Chrome


Google wants to make streaming Chrome tabs to a Chromecast even easier. Right now, you need to install the Google Cast Chrome extension to send music, videos, and webpages to your television. A Google+ post from François Beaufort indicates the company is working on a way to build the feature into the browser itself. The change means you may soon be able to right click a page in Chrome and see the “Cast” option show up to send whatever’s in your browser window to a nearby Chromecast-equipped TV.

Beaufort is Google’s self-titled “happiness evangelist,” and he was hired in 2013, when he was known for being a reputable leaker of Chrome news and updates. He now does so in an official capacity at Google. Beaufort says the new cast feature isn’t available in the general release of Chrome, but beta users can try it out by enabling the experimental “Media Router” feature over at chrome://flags/#media-router.

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