April 12, 2024

Microsoft just got sued $10,000 over a sneaky Windows 10 installation

Microsoft is paying for its overly aggressive Windows 10 upgrade programme


Windows 10 is one of the best operating systems Microsoft has made, packing in great features such as Cortana, the superfast Edge browser and even Xbox support. The only issue? Microsoft knows it’s a great operating system, and it’s just a little too keen for you to try it. That’s why Microsoft now has to pay out $10,000 in compensation after the OS downloaded itself to someone’s computer – and then broke it.

The person in question is Teri Goldstein, who runs a travel agency in California. Goldstein says Windows 10 installed on her Windows 7 laptop without her permission, and that ever since then, the laptop hasn’t worked properly. The result? Goldstein has missed out on around $10,000 of income.

“Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update,” Goldstein told The Seattle Times. Microsoft lost the original case and has now decided to drop its appeal, too – instead preferring to shell out the $10,000 to avoid further legal costs. According to The Seattle Times: “The company denies wrongdoing, and a spokeswoman said Microsoft halted its appeal to avoid the expense of further litigation.”

Windows 10: Repeat offender?

Ever since Windows 10 was released, Microsoft has been trying to push it out to new users as soon as possible – and some of its methods have been a little aggressive. A few months ago, several users found Microsoft was automatically downloading Windows 10 and installing it before they’d even agreed to upgrade.

Over the past few months Microsoft has been criticised for its upgrade approach. Whether it’s sneaky downloads or constant prompts, many users feel that Windows 10 is being forced on them, and even though Microsoft is trying to keep everyone up to date, it’s been a bit too heavy-handed.

Although it’s important to remember this is just one case, the enormous scale of the Windows userbase means it could crop up again.


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