April 12, 2024

This VR glove looks like the armoured hand of Sauron, but actually lets you “feel” virtual objects


VR hasn’t even come close to mastering its visual illusions yet – but already some corners of the industry are settings sights on our other senses.

A company called VRgluv is developing a virtual reality glove that allows users to “feel” their way through the virtual world.

At the moment, VR controllers can read input through physical movement, but other than vibration they provide no tactile response for the user. You can swing your arms about all you like, but an Oculus Touch controller can’t let you clasp the grip of a golf club or feel the resistance of a stiff trigger.

Here’s where the VRgluv steps in. Using hand tracking, variable force feedback, and force sensitivity, the globe let users feel objects. Resistance within a user’s grip simulates the shape of virtual object: be that a baseball or a bat.

Thanks to real-time input about the user’s grip strength, the VRgluv can also simulate soft objects like balloons.

Though the coolest thing about this hardware is that it also inadvertently makes wearers look like the dark lord of Middle-earth. Check it out.

“We set out to enhance everyday life through VR, so we had to decide where to start. Which senses should we attack first? Vision, hearing, and touch,” VRgluv’s creators said.

“The current high-end headsets are able to project a virtual world exceptionally well, and we decided that there is not currently a touch interface to match the performance of the headsets. That is why VRgluv was born.”

If it works properly, the potential applications of a virtual reality glove are huge. It could help surgeons perform more remote operations, or add a whole new dimension to virtual reality games.

Not that we’ve thought about it in detail, but it seems obvious that virtual reality porn makers will be interested in the tech as well.

The glove is compatible with all high-end VR systems, including Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

VRgluv isn’t accepting pre-orders yet, but you can sign up for updates here, which nets you a $20 off coupon when pre-orders eventually open.

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