May 20, 2024

Huawei hypes Mate 10 as competitor to Apple’s new iPhone

We’re nearing the Huawei Mate 9’s first birthday, which means that its successor is coming soon. Huawei today confirmed as such and took the opportunity to hype up its next flagship Android phone.

Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s consumer products division, has said that his company is prepping “an even more powerful product” to compete with Apple’s new iPhone hardware. He hyped up the Mate 10 in an interview with Bloomberg, giving the following statement about the device:

“The Mate 10, which has much longer battery life with a full-screen display, quicker changing speed, better photographing capability and many other features that will help us compete with Apple.”

The Huawei Mate 10 is expected to debut around the same time as Apple’s new iPhones, which are likely coming in early September.

It’s no surprise that Yu is hyping up the Mate 10, as it’s his next company’s flagship smartphone release. Last year’s Mate 9 was pretty well-received, though, as we’re looking forward to checking out the Mate 10, especially considering the features that Yu has boasted about today.

You also said today that Huawei is planning to exit the very low-end smartphone market. “We are giving up the very low-end devices because the margin in this is extremely low, and it’s not making enough profit for us,” he explained.

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