May 21, 2024

Virgin Media 4K TiVo box, bringing UHD to your TV gets teased


Virgin Media, never one to be outdone, has tweeted a teaser of its new TiVo box ahead of the expected big reveal tomorrow – a day before Sky launches it 4K Ultra HD service.

Virgin Media already announced that it would be launching a new 4K TiVo box this year and this teaser looks like our first glimpse of the smart streamer.

The tweet came from the Virgin Media Corporate account, @VirginMediaCorp, and showed off a tight angle view of the box as you can see above. The Virgin Media logo is clear and the box has plenty of cooling grille holes for what could be a high-powered device. But what else can we expect?

We now know the launch event is taking place tomorrow on Friday, August 12th. We also know that the unveiling will happen on the same @VirginMediaCorp Twitter account that revealed the early teaser today.

When the box will be available is less clear, but with Sky launching its first Premier League football games in 4K this weekend we’d expect Virgin Media not to be too far behind. When it launches current users of TiVo will likely get a software update to bring their boxes up to speed with what is likely to be a new user experience layout.

Since Virgin Media is less specifically focused than Sky we can expect a box that not only serves up Freeview content but also has 4K Sky media plus online streaming, hopefully. That could mean 4K Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Video all from the one box. Will it go further than Sky Q Ultra HD and also offer HDR? We’ll have to wait for the big reveal to find out.

How much the box will cost is not clear but expect it to be part of the top end bundles that offer the new level of UHD definition content.

Check back tomorrow to find out everything there is to know about the new Virgin Media TiVo 4K set top box.

Update 12/8/2016: Earlier today the same @VirginMediaCorp Twitter feed posted an uncropped photo of what’s now known as the Virgin TV V6 box. Stay tuned for the full announcement:


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