May 20, 2024

G.Skill Brought Its Blazing Fast DDR4-4800 To Computex

G.Skill didn’t only make good on its promise to bring DDR4-4500 to market this year–it upped the ante by announcing DDR4-4800 at Computex. The company showcased everything from a 32GB DDR4-3466 SO-DIMM memory kit (2 x 16GB) at CL 16 -18-18-43 timings all the way up to its Trident Z DDR4-4800 dual-channel desktop memory kit (2 x 8GB) at CL 19-19-19-39.

G.Skill gave its complete line of Trident Z RGB memory a speed boost starting at DDR4-3600 16GB kits (2 x 8GB) at CL 16-16-16-36 for AMD’s Ryzen-based platform, all the way up to DDR4-4400 16GB kits (2 x 8GB) at CL 19-19-19-39 for use with Intel’s new X-Series processors. There’s also a 64GB (8 x 8GB) DDR4-4400 at CL 19-21-21-41 available for X299 motherboard owners, too.


Those of you who are more interested in top speed versus RGB lighting functionality will be happy to know the company also had a Trident Z DDR4-4800 16GB kit (2 x 8GB) at CL 19-19-19-39 on display for use with Intel-based HED motherboards.

During an overclocking event held at the G.Skill booth in Taipei, one competitor even managed to set a DDR4 memory speed world record. Using the company’s DDR4 memory built with Samsung 8Gb ICs, professional overclocker Toppc managed to hit DDR4-5500 speeds using liquid nitrogen cooling.

G.Skill’s booth at Computex featured a number of custom water-cooled systems, all running the aforementioned memory kits in a variety of configurations. Information on pricing and availability were not available at press time.

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