May 21, 2024

Get a grip on your phone with this finger ring

Never worry about dropping your phone again with the Torras finger ring. This lightweight grip will make it easy to hold your phone in a stylish way.

The ring can rotate 360°, letting you freely adjust it at any angle you please. Hold your phone upside down or use it as a stand to watch videos.

It can be used on any device – iPhone, Samsung, iPad, whatever you want. And the adhesive is made of high quality material that you can reapply without losing the stick.

According to one Amazon customer: “I own a note 5 and it works great on getting a better grip on this behemoth of a phone… The ring also stays where you put it and does not flop down. The adhesive is pretty firm – I did take it off 1x already to move the location and it left no residue in the 1st spot and firmly held in the 2nd location – great all around here! Also great for the flat portion of the ring to use as a stand!” – Rahoe

Whether you’re walking to work or running around the city, you can now feel secure with your phone. Goodbye butterfingers, it was nice knowing you. Get the ring here for $9.99.

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