May 22, 2024

Nintendo Switch in transparent purple is the N64 callback to die for

In August we told you about transparent Nintendo Switch cases. Who knew that just a couple weeks later we would see our first atomic purple Nintendo Switch.

Imgur user DanielBoone1294 shared a few images of their DIY Nintendo Switch project they undertook to replicate the notorious transparent purple color made famous by the Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64 in the ’90s.

In the comments on the gallery, DanielBoone said he created his own atomic purple Nintendo Switch by taking transparent Joy Con cases and dying them purple in a lab that makes glasses. The Joy Cons look like they fit perfectly right next to the atomic purple N64 controller in the second image.

For those of us that don’t have a laboratory on hand to dye plastics, we’ll just have to cross our fingers that DanielBoone starts a Kickstarter or something to mass-produce these. He’ll just have to get a better supply of clear Joy Con cases, he said on Reddit.

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