February 23, 2024

Make Your 64 bit Computer Look like a Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 was one of the bestselling home computers ever, and many geeks got their first computing experience on one of these early personal computers. Here’s an easy way to revisit the early years of personal computing with a theme for Windows 7.

With only 64Kb of ram and an 8 bit processor, the Commodore 64 is light-years behind today’s computers.  But with a Windows 7 themepack, you can turn back the years and give your computer a quick overhaul to look more like its ancient predecessor.

Age Windows 7 with a click

Download the Commodore 64 theme from PC World (link below), and unzip the files.


Now, double-click on the Themepack file to apply the theme.


This will open your Personalization panel and will automatically change your system fonts, window style, background, and more.


Your desktop will go from your Windows 7 look…


to a modified Windows 7 look that is reminiscent of the Commodore 64.


Open an application to see all the changes … notice the old-style font in the Window boarder and menus.


This theme also changes your Computer, Recycle Bin, and User folder icons to Commodore 64-inspired icons.


And, if you want to go back to the standard Windows 7 look and feel, it’s only a click away in the Personalization dialog.  Right-click on your desktop, select Personalize, and then choose the theme you want.



Although this doesn’t give you the real look and feel of the Commodore 64, it is still a fun way to experience a bit of computer nostalgia.  There are tons of excellent themes available for Windows 7, so check back for more exciting ways to customize your desktop!


Download the Commodore 64 theme for Windows 7

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