December 1, 2023

The How-To Geek at CES 2015 Live Photo Blog

Most of the How-To Geek team is at CES 2015, and we’re doing a group photo “live blog” of sorts, which just means that we’ll be posting pictures of everything we’re looking at in Vegas, as we’re looking at it (assuming we have a decent Internet connection).

View the HTG CES 2015 Live Blog Now (and Bookmark to Check Back)

Note: This is a new and experimental thing that we’re going to be enabling, so there might be bugs. We might not cover everything that you’re interested in, but we’re hoping to get through the majority of the show over the next couple of days. We’ll be taking pictures of everything interesting, and giving you our feedback right there on the spot.

Who’s going to be there?

  • Lowell Heddings (The How-To Geek guy)
  • Chris Hoffman
  • Jason Fitzpatrick
  • Matt Klein
  • Erik Wang (he’s our business guy)

Some of the things that are big this year:

  • 4K TVs everywhere. We will be talking about this more in articles this week, but essentially the costs are coming down and everybody is focusing on it.
  • Connected everything. I sat at a press conference where they talked about telling Siri to unlock your front door. WiFi enabled toasters, light bulbs, door locks, garage door openers, and basically everything you can imagine.
  • Connected cars. The auto makers are very interested in getting in on the new the train and having your phone talk to your car.
  • Wearable tech is also everywhere. There are everything from watches to earrings to necklaces that transmit data to your phone. We will be looking into this.
  • Insane gadgets that will never see the light of day.

There are a lot more things and we will be covering them tomorrow on the forum thread. And also in articles throughout the week.

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