April 12, 2024

Now Even Windows 3.1 Has Wordle Clones

Windows 3.1 Wordle Clone

Wordle is everywhere nowadays. You can find clones of the now New York Times-owned game all over the place. There are even versions of the game popping up on the beloved Windows 3.1 operating system, letting those old-school Windows users get in on the fun.

There are two big Windows 3.1 clones of Wordle—Windle, and WinQuest. They’re both designed with the Minesweeper and Chip’s Challenge look and feel, so if you have fond memories of playing those games from the Microsoft Entertainment Pack back in the day, you can get the Wordle gameplay in that style.

Even if you’re not running Windows 3.1 on your PC, you can play these games on a virtual machine or with DOSBox. If the standard Wordle experience in your web browser just isn’t scratching that itch for you anymore, these fun Windows 3.1 clones could be just what you need.

Obviously, these Wordle clones won’t carry over your progress from the regular game, and they don’t have the social aspect. However, if you’re looking for something different, you should check these games out and see if they give you the old-school fun you’re seeking. After all, who doesn’t want to play a modern game with the look and feel they remember from years ago?

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