April 24, 2024

Beware of Malware in Windows Apps on the Microsoft Store

Malware warning image

Be careful the next time you download a game off the Microsoft Store on Windows, as there’s dangerous malware hiding in clones of several popular games. Before you download anything, make sure it’s the actual app and not a fake.

According to the security research firm Check Point (via Bleeping Computer), there are clones of popular games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers appearing on the Microsoft Store that contain the Electron Bot malware.

The malware is a backdoor that gives the attacker complete control over infected machines with the goal of social media promotion and click fraud through Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Sound Cloud.

Confirmed game publishers releasing the spoofed games are Lupy games, Crazy 4 games, Jeuxjeuxkeux games, Akshi games, Goo Games, and Bizzon Case. Needless to say, if you see a game from any of these companies, don’t download them. An example of a game name is Temple Endless Runner 2, which is meant to make you think it’s the sequel to Temple Run.

So far, the malware has infected approximately 5,000 computers in Sweden, Israel, Spain, and Bermuda and there are sure to be more to come as the malware spreads around.

To avoid being infected, make sure to sidestep Windows Store games with names that don’t quite match the known entity. Beware of games with high review scores and low review counts, and avoid any games from the publishers listed above. Basically, use common sense and make sure the game or app you’re downloading is actually what you think it is.

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