March 2, 2024

Wyze Is Doubling Home Monitoring Prices: Lock In the Old Price Now

Wyze Monitoring system

Wyze offers one of the most affordable options for home security with 24/7 monitoring at $5 per month. However, that price is about to double. Thankfully, you can lock in the lower subscription price if you sign up soon.

The company announced the price bump in an email to subscribers (via The Verge). It said, “This price increase will help us cover rising costs, make the service more sustainable, and allow us to continue adding new features.”

We can’t say we’re too surprised Wyze’s monitoring price is going up since $5 per month was absurdly cheap. Even $10 per month is quite a bit more affordable than most other security systems with monitoring. Ring, for example, just bumped its price to $20 per month.

The price increase will start on April 6, 2022, so you can keep the lower price if you sign up for the annual subscription now.

Wyze is offering some benefits with the price increase. First, it’s providing one Cam Plus license worth $15 a year to subscribers. It’s also adding person detection for all the cameras on an account. It also includes its leak and climate sensors and consists of the $10-a-year Sprinkler Plus subscription. Basically, the company is bundling some of its extra subscriptions to create more value for its monitoring service.

Price increase or not, Wyze is still one of the best home security systems on the market. It’s worth considering if you want home monitoring without spending too much.

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