February 23, 2024

Google Lens Functions That Will Blow Your Mind

Of all the Google products on offer, Google Lens is possibly one of the least explored yet. We don’t know why that is. What we do know is it’s a seriously incredible tool to have. Google Lens is an AI-powered search engine for images. Simply put, the lens identifies an image and provides detailed information about it.
Let’s say you spot an unusual flower during a walk. When you point and shoot, Google Lens comes up with data about the flower – its name, properties, and where it grows. It also pulls up related data such as florists nearby or similar flowers belonging to the same family. Here are some of the cool things you can do every day with the tool:


A lifesaver for travelers anywhere, Google Lens can help translate text into any language. Users can point their phones at bus boards or road signs. Lens will instantly live-translate text for you. What’s more, it also works offline!

Smart Text Selection and Search

You can now point your phone camera at certain text (even those in JPEGs or PDFs), highlight relevant sections, and copy-paste text onto your phone. It can be a lifesaver for editors or writers – no more typing down text from scratch! Similarly, users can take the text and search on Google – handy to look up definitions or additional readings.


A shopaholic’s dream come true, Google Lens helps identify clothes, shoes, and almost any retail item. It doesn’t stop there. Lens also tells you where you can buy it and similar pieces you may like.


Scanning QR codes

You can use Google Lens to scan bar codes on any product. The tool offers a ton of information from reviews, availability, and where you can find products online.

Information on books

Next time you’re at a bookstore, Lens a potential buy for more information! Google Lens can scan book covers and pull up reviews, blurbs, and even sample pages before you decide to buy. What’s more, Lens also shows books by the same author or similar books you might enjoy reading.

Schedule events

Imagine you’re at a coffee shop and find an event flyer that sounds fun. Instead of jotting it down, open Google Lens to scan the image instead. The tool will offer you options to save the event on your calendar along with the event description, time, and dates.

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