September 27, 2023

Windows 11 Can Now Download New Desktop Wallpapers Every Day

Windows 11 wallpaper settings image

Windows 10 and Windows 11 both have the option to use ‘Windows Spotlight’ wallpapers on the lock screen, which are refreshed each day. Now Windows 11 is bringing Spotlight to the desktop, too.

Microsoft started rolling out a new update for Windows 11 earlier this week, which includes the ability to set the wallpaper as ‘Windows Spotlight.’ When the option is enabled (Settings > Personalization > Background > Personalize your background), your desktop wallpaper will update each day with new images selected by Microsoft.

Windows Spotlight on the desktop doesn’t show the same tips and advertisements as it does on the lock screen, but it does add a shortcut icon at the top right to learn about the current image. You can also still use a custom picture, solid color, or slideshow of images as your wallpaper instead.

Microsoft has also offered the ‘Bing Wallpaper’ app for Windows for a while now, which adds similar auto-switching wallpaper images to the desktop. Even though Spotlight and Bing usually have the same theme of real-world photos, the actual images are never the same between each service for some reason.

The new functionality has been a long time coming — Microsoft started testing Windows Spotlight for the desktop back in 2020. It may have taken a while, but now it’s finally here.

Source: Thurrott

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