September 30, 2023

Proton Unlimited Is the Private Alternative to Google One

Proton logo with logos for Proton Mail, Calendar, Drive, and VPN

ProtonVPN and ProtonMail are two popular privacy tools (the former is one of the best VPNs), and now they are available in a new package with Proton’s other services at a new price.

Proton has been overhauling its services over the past few months, with the goal of unifying everything under one umbrella. The new site arrived last month, along with new branding and purple icons, and now Proton has launched a new ‘Proton Unlimited’ subscription that gets you everything for one subscription.

Proton Unlimited includes 500GB of shared cloud storage, access to 1700+ VPN servers in over 60 countries, up to 15 email addresses and unlimited labels/folders in Proton Mail, all paid Proton Calendar features, Proton Drive, and more. If you pay yearly, it costs $9.99 per month (9.99 €), and it’s also available in per-month ($11.99/mo) and two-year ($7.99/mo) options.

The new plan is essentially Proton’s version of Google One, but with more privacy-friendly services than you’d get from companies like Google or Microsoft. Proton has been attempting to build a complete ecosystem of privacy tools, with more new features and updates on the way. A full desktop sync client for Proton Drive is expected before the end of the year, as well as native support in Proton VPN for third-party WireGuard clients and more Mail features.

Proton Unlimited replaces previous bundles of Proton Mail and VPN. Proton is still selling most of its services individually, though — Mail Plus is $3.99/mo with 15GB storage and most email features, while Proton VPN Plus is available for $4.99/mo. Proton increased prices on the VPN back in May.

Source: Proton

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