October 2, 2023

Play ‘Genshin Impact’ on Mac and PC With GeForce NOW

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Welcome to the first GFN Thursday of summer! This week, the long-awaited Genshin Impact finally makes its way to the rest of us on NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW, plus seven more games from Steam and the Epic Games Store are available to buy and stream today on your computer, phone, tablet, and TV.

‘Genshin Impact’ Drops Today

As promised last week, Genshin Impact launches publicly today on GeForce NOW. Aside from being a free-to-play title that you can enjoy the moment it’s available, this also marks the first time Mac users can play directly on their devices.

Perhaps even more intriguing is that Genshin Impact is arriving through the developer’s native PC launcher instead of on Steam or the Epic Games Store. Not only does this make Genshin Impact HoYoverse’s first GFN-supported game, but it also potentially paves the way for upcoming entries like Zenless Zone Zero and more to arrive on the service in the future.

To claim Genshin Impact for your library, simply locate it in GeForce NOW—either by searching for it by name or finding it in the Free-To-Play section—add it to your collection, open it, and dive in. Keep in mind that you will need to sign into your HoYoverse account or create a new account before starting your adventure.

More Games Launching Today

Genshin Impact may be the star of this GFN Thursday, but there are also seven more games rolling out, one of which is completely free from today through next Thursday. Get them at the links below:

  • Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (Free on Epic Games Store, June 23-30)
  • Airborne Kingdom (Steam)
  • Fishing: North Atlantic (Steam)
  • Immortal Life (Steam)
  • King Arthur: Knight’s Tale (Steam)
  • SimAirport (Steam)
  • Skeleton Crew (Steam)

Play These Games on GeForce NOW Today

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NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service GeForce NOW lets you play more than 1,300 paid and free games from your favorite PC game stores on any of your devices. You can access a rig for free with GeForce NOW’s basic tier, or unlock even more power with the Priority tier for $9.99 per month or RTX 3080 tier for $19.99 per month.

To learn more about GeForce NOW, including what makes it the best cloud gaming service on the block, check out our comprehensive editorial here.

GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW is a cloud gaming service that streams your favorite PC games to all of your devices via powerful NVIDIA GPUs.

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