September 26, 2023

AMD Will Announce New RDNA 3 GPUs on November 3

NVIDIA unveiled the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 GPUs, and while they’re amazing GPUs, they’re not coming without competition. Not only is there a new player in the game, Intel, but AMD, NVIDIA’s main competitor, is also preparing new GPUs of their own. And we’ll see more about them very, very soon.

Right as NVIDIA announced its new GPUs, AMD took the chance to announce the date for its next big GPU event: November 3, 2022. They will be based on the company’s RDNA 3 architecture, and they’ll presumably be sold as the Radeon RX 7000-series if AMD sticks with its current naming scheme.

Among the things that we might see in these new graphics cards, we have a new chiplet design and a 5nm TSMC process node, as well as an optimized graphics pipeline, a next-gen version of Infinity Cache, and an improved compute unit design.

RDNA 2 GPUs are slowly taking over AMD’s Ryzen APUs, which previously used Vega GPUs, on both desktops and laptops, but RDNA 3 would take over in the gaming GPU space — and presumably, on APUs as well down the road.

We’ll know more about these GPUs once AMD’s event comes around, but NVIDIA might have reasons to worry.

Source: AMD

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