December 1, 2023

LibreOffice Is Now Available on the Mac App Store

LibreOffice is a popular free and open-source office suite, with alternatives to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It has been available on Mac since the first release, but now there’s an official version in the Mac App Store.

LibreOffice was already available on the Mac App Store, but it was a modified build published by Collabora, a company that creates enterprise products based on the office suite (including an online version). The new version is published directly by The Document Foundation, the main organization behind LibreOffice. You can still download LibreOffice for Mac from the project’s official website, but the new App Store version is more convenient, especially if you’re already used to downloading apps from the store.

There are two major differences with the App Store version, though. First, it has a one-time cost of $8.99 instead of being a free download, which The Document Foundation says “will be invested to support development of the LibreOffice project.” Second, the Java runtime is not included (because of App Store rules), so extensions and a few other features that rely on Java are unavailable.

You can download LibreOffice from the Mac App Store today. However, if you want all available features, you should probably download the regular version and donate a few dollars to the project in lieu of the $8.99 App Store payment.

Source: LibreOffice

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