September 27, 2023

Your Minecraft World Will Soon Have a Splash of Pink

Valentine’s Day might be gone, but if you’re a Minecraft player, you’ll soon see even more pink in your worlds. The newest Minecraft update is adding a whole new biome that’s really, really pink.

The latest update to Minecraft 1.20 is adding a new “Cherry Blossom” biome, and it’s now landing on the latest beta updates and snapshots. The new biome is packed with cherry blossom trees with mesmerizing pink leaves that are clearly visible, even from afar. They’re sure to add some better visuals to your world.

In addition, the wood from these leaves can be broken down into a full wood set that you can use for construction as well. And you’re even able to find saplings for these trees, if you want to plant one somewhere within your world.

This new biome can add a splash of much-needed color to your world, and you can now check it out in the latest snapshot (for the Java version) and the latest preview for the Bedrock edition.

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