September 27, 2023

Microsoft Will Let More People Try Its Copilot AI in Office

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Microsoft has been leading the charge in the current AI craze, for better or worse, with the introduction of Bing Chat. The promised AI-powered features in Microsoft 365 are now rolling out to more people, but you probably still have to wait your turn.

Microsoft is adding new features to its Microsoft 365 “Copilot” AI platform, and is also allowing a few more people to try it out. When we say very few, we really mean it. The Microsoft 365 Copilot Early Access Program now includes 600 global customers, up from the previous limit of 20 customers. To be clear, most (if not all) of those customers are businesses and other organizations, not individuals with their own Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

The new functionality includes a new Index feature that can make the AI aware of user/company data within your documents, letting the AI have a better grasp of what data it has access to and, in turn, help you more easily and accurately. Other additions include DALL-E image generation for PowerPoint, co-writing suggestions for sending emails on Outlook, and the addition of Copilot to Whiteboard so it can help you in coming up with ideas and generating images based on them.

It’s sure shaping up to be the ultimate AI assistant for all your work needs, and we can’t wait to try it out.

Source: Microsoft
Via: The Verge

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