October 2, 2023

Your Android Texts Will Soon Get an AI Helper

Person holding the Samsung Galaxy S23+ and the Google Pixel 7

Google talked a lot about AI at this week’s Google I/O event, with the company integrating generative AI into Gmail, Google Docs, and other services. The messaging app for Android devices is also getting an AI upgrade.

Messages by Google is the default SMS texting application on most Android phones, and it’s also the primary application for using Google’s RCS services. Google is now adding a feature called “Magic Compose,” which suggests a reply to the current conversation. Tapping one of the auto-generated replies will send it the message.

Google explained in a blog post, “It’ll offer suggested responses based on the context of your messages, and even magically transform what you write into different styles. Make your messages more concise, professional or even written like Shakespeare himself!”

The feature is expected to roll out some time this summer in beta, with a stable release coming after that. If you want to be the first to try it out, you can join the beta program now.

Source: Google

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