October 2, 2023

The Logitech M240 Is a New Super-Affordable Bluetooth Mouse

Logitech M240 Silent Wireless Mouse

Looking to break from the wires and get yourself a Bluetooth mouse at long last, but don’t want to spend a lot? Not to worry. Logitech has plenty of options, and it just unveiled its least expensive Bluetooth mouse to date.

Logitech just announced the M240 Silent wireless mouse, with a similar design to the existing Logitech M220. The primary difference between the two seems to be connectivity — the M220 has a USB wireless receiver, while the new M240 uses regular Bluetooth LE without the need for any USB devices. Otherwise, they’re nearly identical basic mice with a strong wireless range, and a battery that can last 18 months with auto-sleep to let you keep your mouse living longer between charges.

The Logitech M240 is geared towards productivity and, of course, silence, as you might be able to guess by the “Silent” branding. It has 90% less click noise than your average mouse, and for a laptop, it can really boost your productivity compared to a trackpad — up to 50%, according to Logitech. It’s also the company’s least expensive Bluetooth mouse to date.

Logitech M240 Silent Bluetooth Mouse

A basic mouse for those looking to get the basics right, but still want to break free from a life of wires.

Unfortunately, the M240 doesn’t seem to be widely available yet. Logitech’s own website simply lists it as “coming soon,” and Amazon and Best Buy don’t seem to have product pages yet. B&H Photo does have a pre-order page, though.

Source: Logitech Blog

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