September 26, 2023

Samsung Might Reveal New Folding Phones in July

Galaxy Unpacked August 2022 teaser image

Samsung may have international fame, but the company’s roots, and main headquarters, are in South Korea. Now, the company is coming full circle and will host its Unpacked event in its home, Seoul, for the very first time to announce new products.

Samsung confirmed that the next Unpacked event, set to be held in late July, will be held in Seoul, South Korea, more specifically in the Samseong-dong neighborhood in the Gangnam district. The event had been commonly held in New York City and Barcelona, but Samsung is opting for a place close to home for this specific keynote.

As for what we should expect Samsung to announce here, we’re not sure, but we’ll most certainly see new entries to the Galaxy Z range of foldables. Rumors about the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 have been floating around for some time, and this will most likely be the event where Samsung will introduce both, as those are typically refreshed in the second half of the year, unlike the Galaxy S series. Plus, Samsung has a lot of fresh competition in the foldable space, such as the Google Pixel Fold, so it might feel obligated to catch up.

We’ll likely know more about this event as we get close to the date — right now, we don’t even have a specific date.

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