September 26, 2023

Android 14 Reaches “Platform Stability” With Beta 3 Release

Android 14 logo.

Google has been hard at work on Android 14, the next major release of the operating system that powers billions of phones, tablets, and other devices. We’re now one step closer to a final release, with the arrival of Android 14 Beta 3.

Google has now released the third beta of Android 14, following several developer previews, the first beta in April, and another beta in May. This is the start of the “Platform Stability” period, where Google won’t make any more significant changes, so app and game developers can test their software with a finalized experience.

So, what’s actually new in this release compared to Beta 2? Well, not much. The builds for Pixel devices have the new lock screen customization feature that was discussed at Google I/O, and some new animations. There’s also a pile of bug fixes, including ones for Wi-Fi calling, power consumption, Android Auto, Health Connect, and much more.

Android 14 Beta 3 is available now for supported Android phones, but unless you absolutely need to test the latest and greatest, you should probably just wait for the final release. You can learn more and download the builds from the Android 14 Beta site.

Source: Android Developers Blog, Reddit, Mishaal Rahman

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