October 2, 2023

System76 Is Upgrading the Thin Galago Pro Linux Laptop

System76 sells a lot of laptops, from big and powerful models to thin and sleek laptops. This new option belongs to the latter category, although that doesn’t mean that it cuts corners as far as power goes.

System76 has just launched an upgraded version of the Galago Pro, one of the company’s best thin laptops. The upgrade itself is geared towards bringing specs up to what you’d expect for a 2023 computer. We have Intel’s 13th gen CPUs here, giving you a choice of up to an Intel Core i7-13700H, alongside Intel integrated graphics and a 144Hz high refresh rate display so your experience is not only faster, but also feels way smoother. The H-class CPU means performance should be just as good as that on a premium gaming laptop, except, of course, without the graphics card.

Other specs remain the same. We have a 14-inch display, DDR4 RAM, and the same slate blue chassis. So really, it’s just the same regular Galago Pro you’ve come to know and love, except this time, you’re getting faster, H-class 13th gen Intel chips.

The Galago Pro is now available to buy from System76.

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